Set your creative skills by learning from one of the greatest professionals in VFX, animation, and games.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to bring a character to “life”? The Masterclass “Emotion through Art” is an amazing journey that will take you into the magic world of “art” by Paul Mellender.

An immersive experience awaits you with an incredible opportunity to absorb technical knowledge, suggestions, inspirations, and tricks from one of today’s greatest artists.

This Masterclass has been designed for both beginner and intermediate artists, who are passionate about various aspects of creating art and wish to acquire new skills to represent intuitively and correctly a human figure, focusing on facial expressions.

Our dynamic virtual classroom offers to explore painting and drawing techniques while learning new artistic practices, from traditional to digital; expanding your vision and approaches, and having individual feedback from Paul.


3-Day Masterclass

September, 2022
Graphics Tablet and Pen Stylus

Live streaming


Initial understanding of why and when we present expression, how to portray these states from the simple to complex, and how to infuse characters with “life”




Introduction to Unreal Engine 4
Importing 3D assets into the Engine
Set-dressing a level
Illumination and introduction of VFX into the scene
Introduction of the Blueprint programming System



Student work showcase
Current and future game tech: Unreal Engine 5
Suggestions and Q&A



Meet the instructor


Art Director, CG Generalist

Paul is an artist from Reno, Nevada. His professional career in art has ranged through a spectrum of different fields: traditional fine artist, CG generalist, art director, special effects artist, illustrator, game artist, as well as an art teacher and consultant.



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Our Bootcamp offers intensive short-term training based on the acquisition of professional skills in VFX, Animation, and games, learn the best practices, industry-standard tools and software, and complete tasks and projects, under the supervision of award-winning professionals and the top artists on the international industrial scene.

Students learn through live lessons and virtual labs focused on practical learning experiences. After 20-24 weeks, they come out confident in their tech and soft skills, ready to face the top industries and international studios as complete digital artists.

Aspiring Artists
For those who love movies and all the amazing visual effects behind a film and have always dreamed of working in the entertainment world, but don’t even know where to start.

Recent STEAM graduates
For those who are graduates in any discipline of STEAM education and are interested in the more creative and technical jobs, this Bootcamp is a specialization for beginning a career in the Visual Effects industries and developing hands-on skills to secure a place in this sector.

Career shifter
For those interested in changing careers and embarking on creative and technical work, without any specific background in this sector. Texturing & Beyond Bootcamp is specifically designed to strengthen knowledge and skills to get an exciting and well-paid job in one of the most rapidly growing industries in the 21st century in which VFX artists will continue to be in demand.

Career boosters
Are you a professional in a design role (3d modeler, graphic designer, photographer, creative director, media designer, etc.)? This Bootcamp is designed for professionals who wish to make more competitive their job profile and take it to the next level. Join our Texturing & Beyond Bootcamp and gain new successful roles in the industry.

Within only 6 months, our Texturing & Beyond Bootcamp will give you a solid foundation and specialization for the creation of a photorealistic texture for 3D Asset for the visual effects industries, getting the latest skills studios are hiring, getting hands-on practice, and learning the VFX software used by top production studios all over the world and start your journey into the industry! All side by side with the top VFX artists with real-world experience.

To be successful in this program you will need basic knowledge of 3D modeling, UVs, Maya, and basic computer skills.

Photoshop, Mari, Maya/Arnold, Substance Painter, Nuke, PureRef.

We will be providing you with all software required to take our online courses.
You will also get access to a library of assets to use throughout the course.

You will need a dedicated graphics card, and a computer that meets the minimum requirements for the software above.

Our Bootcamp is built to be tailored to your needs. Lectures are usually delivered with recorded videos on demand and interactive scheduled online lessons with the instructor once or twice a week and inherent reviews or Q&A section. It is mostly provided in the evenings and weekends.

The average salary for a 3D Texture Artist is approximately US$69,232/year, with a range of around $47,000 to $96,000. However, many Texture Artists are also 3D Modelers, positions that require you to be both often earn more too.

The course is designed to prepare you to enter the industry. It covers hard and soft techniques and includes a comprehensive term focused on the career development and construction of your portfolio to prepare you for the industry.

Texture artists usually work in visual effects studios for movies or tv series, animation/cartoon studios, videogames companies, and advertising.



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