General Questions

Linknetic is the first online Bootcamp Academy for Digital Artists, specializing in Visual Effects, Animation, and games.

Linknetic is the new way to learn online: We offer high quality to everyone without the need to move from your home environment. The value of Linknetic lies in the training methods, and students will learn a career, not just a tool. Our training model is based on a unique and innovative method developed on real professional needs, in a soft-skills environment, which transmits a complete profession, not just the use of the software. The connection between knowledge and know-how is the essential starting point for expanding the creative, critical skills, and cultural knowledge, which is the aim of education at Linknetic.

In Linknetic you will find different educational options: intensive, fast, and short-term Bootcamp, Masters courses, short-intensive Masterclass, 1-on-1 Mentorships, and introductory courses focused on soft skills tools, led by experts Instructors that are active professionals in the international Entertainment Industry System with the ability to teach applied methods and techniques of the major VFX and Games Studios worldwide.

To attend Linknetic classes you must be a high school graduate or 18-years-old at the start of the course.

There is no “maximum” age to participate in our paths. If you are a professional in this sector and you need to update your knowledge or if you wish to enter a different sector, we can provide skills and competencies focused on concrete aspects of a VFX or Game discipline. The courses include introductory, advanced, and professional programs that allow you to combine them with your professional activity.

Course Questions

Previous knowledge will help you achieve your aim, but it is not mandatory. Linknetic’s program is designed to guide you to choose the best area of your study. Initially, we suggest talking with our Advisor to understand your specific necessity. If you need to strengthen your knowledge in Photography, Art, Culture, or Management design process, you can start from these introductory courses with no prerequisite. Then you can choose the right courses, Bootcamp, Master program, Masterclass, or Mentorships in line with your expectations and/or your previous school career and professional experience.

Linknetic offers courses in a variety of schedule formats and distinct entry-level. Please check the course schedule for more specific information.

Each class session is scheduled within a 1 to 3-hour block. In a week you should expect to have 2-4 classes, 4-8 hours of class time total, it is depending on the chosen course. Lessons might be recorded, in this case, you can download the videos at any moment of the day, and live, which are scheduled with the instructor. A class will typically consist of a theoretical or practical lecture, a homework review, a short Q&A session, intermediate and final exams, and a work project if it is requested.

Linknetic is very demanding of your time, you can choose the course suitable for your commitments. 
We recommend you speak with our Advisors to understand the schedule and your tasks to be successful in your studies.

The live sessions are normally later in the evenings or on Saturday/Sunday. The normal start times are based on Pacific Standard Time.

If your instructor needs to postpone a class, your tutor will extend the class one week. A notification will be sent to the class with information related to the re-schedule.

Attendance of the course is mandatory, and your absences may not exceed 20% of the total course time. Students who do not maintain 80% attendance may not receive the final certificate. If you are unable to attend a class session, simply notify the academy staff. They will help you in this case to retrieve materials or any notes of the class you have missed.

This will be depending on the course, but yes! You can expect to spend additional time per week on homework, assignments, exams, research, tests, and the final project. But … don’t be scared! If you love what you do, it’s going to be FUN.

At the end of the course, you will receive a final attendance certificate from Linknetic that will list acquired skills and allow you to access our Career Service program.
 Linknetic is not affiliated with any degree-granting institutions and is not accredited. Linknetic does NOT grant degrees or credits but rather a certification created by Linknetic itself.

It depends on the admission requirements of the chosen course. Our Academic Depth with the Supervisor of the course will evaluate your previous knowledge, work experience, portfolio, and showreel.

Yes, each course includes intermediate and final exams to evaluate the achievement of the course’s objectives.

You MUST. We are here to help you get your dream job: that means you need to show what you can do after your training. And we will help you do that as professionally as possible. How? Our instructors spent their life understanding the dynamics behind a good and successful application. This is what we want to transmit to you. And how one of our trainers conceives the artist: “Working as an artist is not about being an artist, it’s about making money as an artist; […] is not just about knowing your art. It’s about knowing good business practices” (Daniele Tosti).

Linknetic, through its network of contacts and relationships, will play a mediating role in the management of internships offering newly trained learners the opportunity to carry out their internship period in the company that most approaches the characteristics that emerged during the training cycle, compared to the personal and professional characteristics of the learners.

Technical Questions

Your computer could be both a PC or a Mac, however, there are some exceptions: we strongly recommend checking on the course page which are the requirements about hardware and software. Could be possible the need for a tablet – we recommend http://wacom.com. Specifically, their Intuos Pro line; get in touch with us about this at info@linknetic.net.

We will be providing you with all software required to take our online courses. The list includes but is not limited to Maya, ZBrush, PureRef, Mari, Substance Painter, Marvelous Designer, MeshLab, Instant Meshes, Premiere, Character Creator, Unreal Engine, R3DS Wrap, Nuke, Baselight, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut, … and more!

Both! Our educational model is based on specific training in which our lectures are delivered with recorded videos that you can download at any moment during the week and in your free time, interactive scheduled online lessons with your teacher once or twice a week, and inherent reviews or giving you a specific time for your request with Q&A section.