The first part of the path will lead the students to build a 3d asset, following the main rules and the standard quality to get an asset production-ready for the VFX industry. We will follow step by step the standard Modeling workflow to build a weapon using the main DCC for modeling in every Asset Department for VFX: Autodesk Maya. Good shapes before good topology, this will be the mood for the modeling path.

The second part will lead the students through the phases that follow modeling, starting with the technical and artistic aspects of texturing, describing in detail what texture maps are, and how they can be used in lookdev. Once the foundations have been laid down, the students will be introduced to the use of Substance Painter for texturing, and Maya/Arnold for lookdev.

Under the guidance and supervision of the instructors, the student will bring the asset to the next stage by creating first a high-quality model ready for textures and lookdev, until the final render.

Course Curriculum

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  • 1 week, 3 days