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This course is intended to treat photography as multiple phenomenon. Photography may be considered a visual language. The photos capture an event, an experience, or document facts and this instance which is frozen in time can communicate a history. The path will start from the very foundations in a continuous movement towards the surface of contemporary photographic culture; for this, we will use practice no less than theory. The aim is to give an active experience of the nature of photographic images and their paradoxical life. By learning how images live and act, we will understand how to trap them in a net of common-sense questions.

Movies and videos have a variety of photographic images, yet these languages – while sharing large parts of their basic grammar – differ in most of their syntaxes. Therefore, we will also explore the gray areas where photographic sequencing overlaps the logic of cinematic montage, to map the photographic language to its full extent.

Once we get the right set of questions to pose to the photographic images – and ourselves concerning our agency as users and interpreters – we will reach a deeper understanding that will enhance our self-awareness and fluidity also in their making.


3 Months
Part-Time Program

Beginner, Intermediate
& Advanced

Live streaming

January, 2023


The course is for those who struggle to find the key to breaking the code of photography as a visual language, who wish to discover the real value of this medium.



Photography is just a word and yet it encompasses the most diverse historical and social variations. We will explore and make sense of different sorts of images and different forms of access and use.


We all know how to make and use our photos. This tricks us into believing we also know how such images produce meanings. We will discover how worn out and cliche are most of the mental schemes usually employed in understanding photographs.


These are the pillars of every in-depth reading of a single photograph: or of a series thereof. We will see what’s in every one of these convergent approaches.


What are words good for in planning photographs, presenting, studying, describing, and trading them. Isn’t an image already some kind of text? We’ll find out why we can’t get rid of words.


Photographs seldom come alone and in their purposeful sequencing lays the secret of every project worth sustained attention. We will start unraveling the deep and rich structure of photographic sequences which both link and differ the photographic experience and the cinematic one.


We will make a brief but thorough itinerary amongst the main themes and issues of the photographic arts; not before having understood how manifold and baffling could be the very notion of art.


Meet the instructor


Augusto PIERONI PhD is both an educator and a contemporary art historian and critic focussed on the photographic arts. Among his books the long sellers: Portfolio! – Construction and Reading of Photographic Sequences (2015) and Leggere la fotografia – Reading Photographic Images (2nd ed. 2006).

A leading figure in Italian photographic culture, he formerly taught Photography History and Criticism at the University of Rome1-Sapienza and University of Tuscia (Viterbo). He is currently directing the “Firma Visiva” (Visual Signature) master on authorial photography at Officine Fotografiche – Roma, and “Il Corpo Visivo” (The Visual Body) master on reconfiguring nude photography, at Door Academy.
He is also teaching Visual Arts, Critical Analysis, and Photographic Sequencing in prominent institutes such as Officine Fotografiche, ISFCI, and RUFA. As a freelance, he holds workshops and one-on-one courses.
He has been featured by such international magazines as Aperture (New York), HotShoe (Londra), Eyemazing (Amsterdam), Muse (Milano).


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